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EvoClub | FireX Portable Fire Extinguisher

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EvoClub | FireX Portable Fire Extinguisher


EvoClub | FireX Portable Fire Extinguisher

Stay safe. Introducing our very own versatile and compact fire extinguisher.

Fires are a very real danger in our cars; from fuel to fluids to wiring, many fire hazards exist in our cars. Road safety experts have consistently re-iterated the importance of keeping a fire extinguisher in every car.

In recognition of this need, we are proud to present you the EvoClub | FireX Portable Fire Extinguisher, made with the needs of car enthusiasts in mind:

-        The EvoClub | FireX Portable Fire Extinguisher is an innovative new product that overcomes the traditional problems of conventional fire extinguishers.

At its heart is an aerosol-based compound that is packaged in a solid state, meaning the cylinder does not require internal pressurization and thus does not require annual inspections from the fire department. It is much less bulky too, weighing less than 500g and easy to carry around in backpacks or handbags.

Its operation principle is unique, when triggered, the canister electrically activates the solid state aerosol, generating a gas-like aerosol that functions to extinguish the fire. The aerosol consists of micron-sized particles in a mixture of naturally occurring gases with the following benefits:

-         Non-toxic, safe to inhale. (but still, keep out of children’s reach, please)

-         Friendly to the environment.

-         Leaves minimal residue.

-         Does not damage surfaces or equipment.

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