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EvoClub Extended Warranty

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EvoClub Extended Warranty


What is EvoClub Extended Warranty?

-       EvoClub Extended Warranty is an offer for owners of cars with expiring warranties to purchase extended protection of their vehicles against unexpected repairs.


Why EvoClub Extended Warranty?

-       EvoClub Extended Warranty is run in partnership with Guard My Ride, a reputable and leading provider of vehicle extended protection coverage plans in Malaysia.

-       EvoClub Extended Warranty is underwritten by RHB Insurance, ensuring all claims will be fairly evaluated and, if valid, promptly approved.


What’s Covered?

-       Engine parts

-       Transmission

-       Electronic control units

-       Airbag

-       Motors

-       Turbo / Supercharger

-       Sensors

-       Braking system

-       Labour

Detailed breakdown of specific components listed in our EvoClub Extended Warranty info page. (


Is there a claim limit?

-       Maximum limit of RM7,500 per claim.

-       Total claim limit is RM40,000 per year.


How long is the warranty period?

-       1-year / 25,000km (whichever comes first)

-       Renewal is available, but vehicle inspection required.

-       During coverage period, vehicle must perform routine service at one of our 82 trusted workshops 

o   Fully synthetic engine oil: 6 months / 10,000km

o   Semi synthetic engine oil: 4 months / 7,000km


Does my car qualify?

-       Vehicle must be less than 8 years old from date of manufacturing

-       Mileage less than 140,000km

-       Vehicle inspection required at designated inspection centres


How much does the EvoClub Extended Warranty cost?

-       Cost varies according to make and model of vehicle, but EvoClub members enjoy special discounted pricing not offered elsewhere.

-       For example, GMR Extended Warranty for Land Rover is RM3,200, but offered exclusively to EvoClub members at RM2,671.


How to purchase?

  1. Fill in the necessary info in the form below and click “Make Payment”, after which you will be taken to the relevant e-payment gateways.

  1. Make partial payment of RM450. Upon completion of transaction, you should see the confirmation screen below and receive a confirmation email.
  1. Pick any of our 52 inspection centres nationwide of your preference to perform a detailed inspection of your vehicle. (
  2. Outcome of inspection:
    If rejected: Refund of RM350
    Customer has option to repair vehicle as recommended by workshop to qualify for purchase of EvoClub Extended Warranty.

    If approved: GMR will contact customer to finalize remaining payment and activate EvoClub Extended Warranty.
    If customer chooses not to purchase, refund of RM300.







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